• VitrA Next
    VitrA Next

    New experiences and technologies that will shape the bathrooms of the future are at VitrA NExT.

  • Touch-free hygiene
    Touch-free hygiene

    VitrA designs touch-free products, so you can touch your loved ones without worry.

  • Root Furniture Collection
    Root Furniture Collection

    My bathroom,my choice

  • Visualize your dream designs in VitrA Design Room
    Visualize your dream designs in VitrA Design Room

    Experience VitrA Tiles designs digitally for your living spaces with VitrA Design Room application.

  • VitrA Tiles 2023 new collections
    VitrA Tiles 2023 new collections

    You are invited to discover VitrA Tiles 2023 Novelties.

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  • Decoration Ideas for Bathrooms with Bathtubs
    Decoration Ideas for Bathrooms with Bathtubs

    In recent years, bathroom decoration ideas offered specifically for people who value their homes consist of more modern designs. It is possible to make a choice according to different criteria of bathroom decoration, which is comprised of useful, stylish, and contemporary designs.

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  • Bathroom Decoration Suggestions
    Bathroom Decoration Suggestions

    Different decorations are used in the bathroom, which is an important part of the house. Ceramic tiles, shower systems, taps & mixers, bathroom furniture, and accessories are among these products.

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  • Modern Bathroom Models and Design Ideas
    Modern Bathroom Models and Design Ideas

    Bathrooms are areas that can successfully complement the decoration of a house if designed gracefully. Furniture and accessories used in the bathrooms of today's modern houses are chosen by taking into account the overall decoration of the house.

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  • How to Assemble the Bathrobe Hooks?
    How to Assemble the Bathrobe Hooks?

    Among the most striking parts of the bathroom are bathrobe hooks, which depend on personal tastes. Bathrobe hooks with modern design lines are easy-to-assemble products.

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  • WC Selection Guide and Recommendations
    WC Selection Guide and Recommendations

    One of the essential parts of toilets and bathrooms just like washbasins and bathroom sanitaryware, WCs come in many different sizes, styles, and colors. In the selection of these products equipped with smart functions to make life easier, many factors from design features to the width of the usage area, from the production materials to the preferred color should be considered.

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Featured Collections

  • Sento


    Bringing Scandinavian style into the bathroom, this furniture range is designed to complement the popular Sento WC pan.
  • Equal


    Equal represents the equilibrium between the rational and the sensual. It employs basic geometric forms obsessively shaped by simplicity, embracing at the same time natural organic forms.
  • CementMix


    Inspired by warm minimalism trend CementMix softens the traditional brutalist look of cement with variety of earthy warm hues. Through its systematic approach, it offers harmonised colour tones and calm texture options for users. In addition to its calm relief appearance, it re-interprets Terrazzo appearance from the past to the present by using modern geometric speckles, natural stone and marble chips patterns.
  • ArchiPlan


    Every project is unique with different needs. To meet these needs, ArchiPlan Collection was carefully designed by Design Studio VitrA. An ideal solution for homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, especially those with smaller bathrooms. This collection of bathroom furniture, sanityware and accesories offers smart, durable solutions to enable seamless planning.
  • Voyage


    Designed by Arik Levy in collaboration with Design Studio VitrA, Voyage is a system offering new possibilities for a peaceful mind. Motivated by the premise that time spent in the bathroom is not just a physical experience, but rather is an interval, Voyage creates a space where the mind and body meet, where the emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual’s existence are stimulated. Understanding that this most human personal experience deserves an individualised space, the product range offers the tools to customise this area and enhance the spiritual experience.
  • MarmoMix


    Tile system inspired by classical marbles for contemporary spaces. Premium marbles that form the cornerstones of architectural design is offered in VitrA’s innovative MarmoMix system with countless laying options to the world of interior designers and architects. The marbles that inspire MarmoMix textures have been used in many architectural structures throughout the history as a strong design element on their own and also in combination with one another to create harmony. These marbles which kept their popularity for ages are now re-interpreted in MarmoMix system for strong, flexible and creative offerings to contemporary designs. MarmoMix system, with its compatibility with other VitrA systems and with its different size offerings, provides users flexibility in design.
  • Liquid


    Designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon, Liquid celebrates a new aesthetic of expressive minimalism. The collection evokes a sense of permanence and encompasses round-edges aesthetics, generous shapes and robust materials.
  • Canyon


    Canyon porcelain collection is designed creating a harmonious combination of grey coloured English stone with white long veins and Italian Valmalenco stone which has a gold shade. The combination of these two rich natural stones creates a typology enriched with details. Canyon offers an excellent covering solution for floors and walls in all living spaces, whether classical or modern, and defines the classic of the future today.
  • Frame


    The Frame furniture range offers a distinctive new style to bathroom furniture blending natural matt finishes with wooden louvred drawers to create a beautiful statement bathroom.
  • mode


    To promote colour in the bathroom and create bathrooms that defy time, the VitrA Design Team has applied its expertise and experience in bathrooms and colours to develop mode. A colour combination system with all fine details conceived, mode ensures that accents created with tone-in-tone and contrast colours on bathroom walls are compatible with floors and that relief textures add movement to walls.
  • retromix


    A system of geometric patterns for timeless atmospheres. With retromix, VitrA re-interprets traditional tile motives to design modern spaces. retromix focuses on the geometric forms in traditional patterns from diverse geographies that have become universalized in the course of time. Wall tiles reflect traces of the past in ethnic colours that also suggest a sense of being handmade. Available in 10x10 and 15x15 square formats, retromix offers both ease of application and a wide range of laying options that allow for creativity
  • Plural


    Plural presents the bathroom as the new heart of the home. The organic shapes and neutral colours bring a sense of warmth and domesticity and the furniture pieces can be styled in numerous different combinations.
  • Origin


    Origin portrays a delicate minimalism. With slender edges, fine details and contemporary colours, Origin offers a charming final touch to the bathroom.
  • Liquid VitrA x Tom Dixon

    Liquid VitrA x Tom Dixon

    Liquid is a unique collaboration between VitrA and Tom Dixon, bringing the British designer’s philosophy of expressive minimalism to the bathroom. Liquid’s tile collection is an interchangeable system comprising five colours in plain tiles and four different embossed patterns. The wall tiles in dot or linear décor can be combined in abstract tessellations across a colour palette that expands Liquid’s core monochrome with grey, ecru and sage green.
  • Flakestone


    Flakestone porcelain collection reflects the calm character of natural stone to the spaces where it is used. The hybrid stone appearance, designed with the balanced combination of different textures, show traces of fossils created by nature over the years. The surface texture containing sparse flakes is the most distinctive feature of this collection. While the pure natural stone appearance adds an architectural value to the living spaces where it is used, it manages to do this in the most subtle way. The collection inspires creative designs with its colour options in warm and cold shades.

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Bathroom Furniture

From vanity units to cabinets to fitted furniture, VitrA offers a selection of furniture options to add practicality and style to your bathroom whilst maximising space.

Bathroom Tiles

VitrA's bathroom tiles aim to help you form timeless bathroom designs. It has a wide range of collection offerings for every style and need, and enables usage of matt and glossy surfaces together without compromising from functionality.

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Choose from our range of wall-hung, back-to-wall or close-coupled toilets for a style that fits your needs. Our Rim-Ex and VitrA Hygiene options offer effortless cleaning and innovative, hygienic design.

Kitchen Tiles

VitrA offers a selection of tile collections for contemporary kitchens that meet different tastes, styles and needs. VitrA’s collections developed with expertise in surface, material and function address the needs in kitchen floor and wall coverings and help form timeless kitchen designs.


Our washbasins combine elegance with functionality. Whether it’s countertop bowls, floor-standing pedestals or built-in basins, find your perfect style, size and colour.


Be it free-standing or fitted, sweeping or curved line, acrylic or mineral cast, all VitrA baths provide a quality finish whilst allowing you to relax in style. All VitrA baths carry a 25-year guarantee, and panels come with a 2-year guarantee.