VitrA is driven to continuously innovate, creating new, purpose-led products and technology. At the heart of VitrA lies the Innovation Centre; a creative hub for ambitious, forward-looking designers and engineers. The meeting of conceptual ideas through design, research and technology has led to innovations such as VitrA Rim-ex, the VitrA shower toilet V-Care and the range of smart products.

Established in 2011, the VitrA Innovation Centre has been awarded the glass and ceramics industry’s most successful innovation centre for 4 consecutive years, based on the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology’s Innovation Centre Performances Index.

Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre

VitrA's Innovation Centre - where all the magic happens, from the conception, development and realisation of original ideas and designs, to the innovation, planning and production of new technology and materials. Here, architects and designers are encouraged to free their imaginations and original ideas are showcase in a setting that blends culture, art and lifestyle. It's this commitment to innovation and creativity, to constantly improve comfort, sustainability and bathroom aesthetics, that is helping us to transform the traditional concept of the bathroom.

VitrA Technologies

VitrA Technologies

Whether it's developing toilets that are 95% more hygienic than standard toilets, or creating products that are connected via smart technology, we make bathrooms that are more enjoyable, safer, and easier to maintain.

  • V-Care Smart WC
    V-Care Smart WC

    V-Care, VitrA’s new generation of smart WCs, provides maximum personal hygiene and comfort. It redefines the standard by combining the functionality of a toilet and the cleaning properties of a bidet into a stylish WC that can seamlessly integrate ito your bathroom.

  • VitrA Rim-ex
    VitrA Rim-ex

    VitrA's rimless WC pan technology alleviates one of the most unhygienic aspects of traditional WC design, where hard to clean rims can harbour germs and allow them to multiply unchecked. The unique design of our Rim-ex pans incorporates a water diverter to direct the flush around the bowl, which can be removed easily for cleaning.

  • VitrA Hygiene
    VitrA Hygiene

    VitrA Hygiene is a unique glazing process developed by VitrA that prevents germ multiplication. From washbasins to WCs, bidets to urinals, products produced with our VitrA Hygiene technology offer superior hygiene throughout the product's lifetime.

  • VitrAClean

    VitrA Clean is a surface finish that makes VitrA sanitaryware product incredibly easy to care for. This special glazing process increases surface tensions so the water flows easily from the surface. All that's needed to keep the basins clean is a wipe with a damp cloth and the use of a mild detergent, making cleaning easier and helping to keep your bathroom looking its best. VitrA Clean is on a variety of basins including the Outline range.

  • VitrA Fresh
    VitrA Fresh

    VitrA Fresh WC pan features an integral tank that dispenses detergent with every flush, helping to clean the pan thoroughly and protect against the build-up of bacteria. VitrA Fresh prevents the need to add cleaning agents to the cistern, wich can corrode the flushing mechanism. VitrA Fresh is currently available in the M-Line series.

  • VitrA Fit
    VitrA Fit

    VitrA Fit is a system that facilitates tiling. It allows a perfectly even tile placement, prevents tiling errors that may occur due to uneven substrate, and helps speeding up the tiling process. VitrA Fit tiling system is suitable for both floor and wall tiles. It is ideal for laying big, heavy, and thin tiles alike.